This ‘Twilight’ Theory About Bella Has Us Rethinking Everything

We’re all fairly aware of all things Twilight, yes?

If not, you may want to brush up on your Twilight knowledge because there’s a theory about Bella’s background that has blown our mind.

Let’s all refresh our memories about Bella Swan,the human-turned-vampire who stole Edward Cullen’s century-old heart.


Bella kept on asking Edward to turn her into a vampire, but he was so worried that she would become a bloodthirsty monster. It’s a well known fact that newborn vamps are all crazy killers.


But after she popped out her human-vampire baby, Edward had no choice but to turn Bella over the the dark side. She ended up excelling as a bloodsucker, being able to control her urges.


She also gained the ability to shield other vampires’ powers and the protect those around her. We’ve always wondered how Bella became a superstar vampire, and we may now have an answer!


Fans have come up with an explanation as to why Bella is the way that she is, and it all starts with her mother, Renée. Renée’s name is derived from the late Roman name ‘Renatus.’ The female version of Renatus is Renata.


Renata is actually a vampire who appears in the Twilight books. She hangs out with the Volturi as Aro’s personal bodyguard, since her supernatural abilities allow her to repel opponents.


This sounds a lot like Bella’s power, and since Bella is able to project her shield, it’s believed that she is even more powerful than Renata. It’s believed that Bella’s mother Renée is a distant grandniece of Renata, and there is proof!


Renata is a descendant of other vampires, having been born into a Maltese family whose ancester, Luca, was turned into a vampire in 400 BC. Luca remained with his human family, and a tradition was started where one member of the family would be turned into a vampire every other century.

In the book Breaking Dawn, Renata is described as having black hair with a slight build and standing at around five feet tall, which is very similar to Bella’s physical characteristics.
7e01a1d4-88ba-4d8b-ad5b-6238d4355a60There are some hints at Renée’s heritage as her middle name is Marie, a version of the Italian “Maria.” She also may have named her daughter Isabel possibly after one of her Italian ancestors


Since not every member of Renata’s family were turned into vampires, it’s possible that Bella is a descendant of this family, which explains why Bella wondered if she was “born to be a vampire.”

I now understand how Bella was able to control herself as a newborn and why she finally fit in as a vampire. It’s also strange that this Renata has almost the exact same power as Bella.



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