These Shorty Cars are the Best Thing Ever

Shorty Cars are like normal cars, only … shorter. The best ones look like tiny cute versions of the car they’re based on, with childlike proportions that are something out of a cartoon.  They’re like the opposite version of a stretch limo, but way more fun.

There’s two ways that people build shorty cars.  The classic way is to take a regular vehicle, chop a big section out of the middle and then weld everything back together.  That’s a lot harder than it sounds, because aside from getting the two ends to match up, you also need to make sure that the mechanical bits work together properly too.

The other way of making shorty cars is to take something that’s already pretty small, like a Smart Car, or a Toyota IQ and then replace the regular body shell with a kit that is designed like a sports car.  It takes a lot of the mechanical complexity out of the job.

Check out this gallery of Shorty Cars!

Shorty Audi SUV

Shorty Audi SUV

Normally with a Q7, you don’t so much look for a car park, as look for a port, but this Smart conversion is compact enough to fit anywhere.  It might not come with the same presence, but it will definitely get more admiring views!

Shorty Lamborghini


A regular Gallardo is a beast, but this one looks more like a calf than a full on bull.  Like the Q7, it’s a Smart Conversion.

Shorty Car Lotus Esprit / Elise

shorty-esprit shorty-elise

Lotus engineering is based on “add speed, remove weight”.  These look the part, but are probably a bit less fun on a track day than the real thing.

Audi R8 Shorty Car


The R8 is like a practical version of a super car – a lambo in practical shoes.  This one will almost fit in your pocket!

Shorty Car Escort XR3


Back in the ’80s, these were all over the place.  Now they’re not.  Most got nicked, and a lot of the remainder rusted into nothing.  Even when they were pretty new, it was unusual to see one that hadn’t been modified in some way, but none of them looked as cool as this.  Oddly enough, there was a time when the press were full of stories about second hand cut-n-shut Escorts snapping in half when they crashed.

Short Metro

metro shorty car

Back in the day, the Metro was a “not quite as good” replacement for the mini (see below…).  Not many have survived.  Thankfully this one has, although there’s not much room in the back.

Short VW Camper

shorty VW camper

It’s hard to find a decent “splitty” for good money these days, but here’s one that you’d pay a fortune for.  Incredibly it looks even cooler than a regular model, but there’s no space for a surfboard.

Mini Shorty Cars

Mini’s are already pretty short.  But some people want to take that to the extreme.

mini shorty cars 1

Here’s another one that is about the same size, but without the roof, it gives you a bit more space to spread out.

mini shorty cars 2

But some people want to take things that little bit further.  This one is more of a nano than a mini…

mini shorty cars 3

Unbelievably, this is not a photoshop job.  There’s actually seats and it does drive.  But good luck trying to fit your luggage in with you.

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