It’s National Selfie Day! Here Are 8 Tips For Taking Better Selfies

1. Know your angles!

Every face is different, but tilting your head slightly and tucking down your chin is flattering for most. It makes you face look really angular – just ask Kylie.


2. Natural lighting is key!

Even with zero makeup on, natural lighting will give you that beautiful glow. Avoid fluorescent lighting at all costs.

How-to-take-a-fabulous-selfie (7)

3. Take selfies in the morning.

In the morning you face is clean, your makeup is fresh, your hair hasn’t been destroyed by wind/humidity, which makes it the optimal time for a photo.


4. Channel your inner model.

If you want a fire pic, you have to leave your shame at the door. Pout your lips, raise your brows, practise your smize.


5. Have the camera up.

Angles matter on your camera as well. Instead of smiling into the camera straight-on, hold your phone a little bit above you. It makes the photo less intense and the downward angle is very flattering.


6. Clean your room 

Even if you’re not showing off your whole room in a mirror selfie, people are going to see it in the background of your pic. Give it a quick tidy before your selfie and watch the likes come through.

7. Pick a filter and stick with it.
If you’ve found a subtle filter that perfectly fits your vibe, use it on every pic. That’s a blogger secret to making your entire feed look cohesive.
8. Wear sunnies
If you feel shy in front of a camera just throw on your favourite shades. That way you only have to pose your lips and you’re sorted – badass sunglasses make everyone look cool.

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