Celebrities Who Stayed With Their Partners Despite Them Cheating

You would think that after being publicly humiliated, celebrities would hate their partners and never take them back… but apparently this isn’t the case.

These celebrities chose to stick by their significant others despite the cheating.

1. Gabrielle Union 

In 2014, before Gabrielle Union wed her now husband, Dwayne Wade, the basketball player “accidentally” fathered a child with another woman. The couple was able to work through their issues, but apparently Gabrielle still doesn’t acknowledge the child’s existence.

2. Sarah Jessica Parker
Back in 2001 the actress deliberately left him out of her speech at the Golden Globes for best actress, it seemed SAVAGE… until rumours of Broderick’s cheating got out in 2008. However, despite all of this, SJP still remains committed to their relationship.
3. Beyoncé
When footage of Solange Knowles physically fighting Jay-Z in a lift surfaced, I was shook. The family feud quickly turned into a cheating scandal, and when Bey dropped her album “Lemonade” the plot thickened. We now all want answers to one question…
Who is Becky with the good hair?

4. Robert Pattinson

Twilight fans will never forget when news broke that Kristen Steward cheated on Robert Pattinson with the director of Snow White, Rupert Sanders. To make matters worse, Robert only found out when photos of Kristen and Rupert canoodling went viral… despite this he stayed with her for almost a year after the affair!

twilight-1350296081-view-05. Fergie

Fergie’s husband Josh Duhamel decided to cheat on the singer back in 2009, despite this the couple decided the stay together. Later, Fergie was quoted as saying to Oprah that the cheating situation made them stronger.Unfortunately, the couple split in 2017 but were married for eight years.

 450402104_josh-duhamel-fergie-zoom-b68e6d72-8bb5-4029-9827-0ef7d99820b66. Victoria Beckham

It’s still not definite that the cheating allegations against David Beckham are true. Reality star Rebecca Loos publicly confirmed the affair, but this was before she had any of her fame. She got famous because of the statement, so you have to wonder… Victoria and David are still couple goals.




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