9 People Who Kept Their Head Up When Things Got Tough


When we grow up we get a little better at dealing with situations that go way downhill, a kid who drops their ice cream will cry, but an adult will swallow their disappointment.

So hopefully, the better we get at dealing with life’s mean streaks, the closer we’ll get to the level of unbothered-ness these people have achieved.

1. I want to know what was going on back there that didn’t faze this guy at all. 


2. Shout-out to this guy for finding a way to relax on such a hot day.


3. You can tell by his facial expression that he is not fazed. 


4. Shout-out to this ladies civil response to the nosiest neighbours in the world. 


5. This guy seems way too OK with his head being on fire. 


6. You gotta make the best of a crappy situation. 


7. Couldn’t be more obvious that the dad hates this, but he’s putting that aside for his little girl. 


8. This seems like an appropriate response to the roads being this bad. 


9. It may not seem like the owner’s keeping his head up, but he’s probably just as amused as he is scared.


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