8 Close Calls That Will Have You Sweating

These pictures have me breaking into a cold sweat. The only thing worse than seeing how close these people came to failing is thinking about it happening to me. But luckily it didn’t.

1. A banana peel on wet ground is a recipe for disaster.

Yeah this guy didn’t slip on it, but rumours are that after he took the photo, he left it there and somebody else did.

e8ab2739-4477-4e6c-985e-810cdf44869a2. I’ve never seen so much luck in one photo.


3. This person dropped their juice when they took it out of the fridge.

But luckily, the fridge shelf had their back.


4. Those are some serious dad reflexes.

Everyone knows that parents have the superhuman ability to lift trucks off their children and posses cat-like reflexes if it means protecting their kids from harm.



6. This woman got in the shower after putting her son to bed, and then almost stepped on him when she got out. 


7. I’m paranoid about cleaning my teeth now after seeing this 


8. Phew.



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