13 Terrible Crimes Against Food That People Committed As Kids


16 people have shared theĀ gross things they used to eat as kids, prepare to be disgusted!

1. “I used to put ketchup in my vanilla yogurt.”

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2. “I used to eat onions like apples.”

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3. “I used to eat raw pasta. I would keep a bag of penne in my room and munch on it like crisps. I still have a piece or two on a rare occasion tbh.”

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4. “Ketchup sandwiches”

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5. “My parents would buy the big bag of frozen french fries, and I would just eat them. Frozen. Liked them better than cooked fries.”

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6. “Literally just butter. I would go into the fridge and take out a stick of butter and try to eat the whole thing and then my mum would come in and freak out!”

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7. “Popcorn dunked in water. I would get it really soggy and then fish it out with a spoon.”

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8. “I used to eat a slice of bread dipped in orange juice.”

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9. “When we went to the pet shop, I would sneak off and steal the cookies meant for the dogs.”


10. “I hated ketchup (I still do) but I’d dip fries in Coke. I still stand by it.”


11. “I used to eat cigarette butts.”

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12. “I used to peel the skin off the hotdog and eat it first.”


13. “I would go to baseball games and put shells I found in the grass in my mouth because they were salty.”

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