15 Amazing Science Gifs

Science can be super dramatic, and throws up some amazing imagery that will blow your mind.  Here’s 15 incredible GIFs!

This is a specially crated plastic called HeatSwell – it’s designed to expand when in contact with heat to make coffee cups more comfortable to hold.  And scarier.


Here you can see what happens when you burn a heavier than air gas in a demi-john – the flame descends through the jar as the gas below it burns away.


This is what happens when you pout super cooled water onto a seed of ice.  It freezes incredibly quickly to create a Stalag-Ice.


This is why you don’t want to get bitten by a snake – look at what happens to your blood when mixed with snake venom.  Thickens.


Speaking of blood, it reacts equally strangely when you mix it with Hydrogen Peroxide:


Now look at what happens when that blood is trapped inside a tick – it reminds me of what happens to Tetsuo at the end of Akira.:


You know how you’re not allowed to take a mercury thermometer on an aeroplane.  Here’s why:  It reacts with the aluminium to create an amalgam that would basically turn bits of the aeroplane into liquid.  Also, it looks disgusting!


This is Prince Ruperts Drop – molten glass is dropped in water which creates the shape.  The change in temperature means that the glass has a number of different properties.  The bulb end is really tough – you can hit it with a hammer.  The tail not so much, as you can see in the gif!


This is how the Himalayan Balsam disperses its seeds – the pod pretty much explodes when it hits the ground, and looks pretty smart!


Dandelions are cool too – look at this timelapse of a dandelion growing and then going to seed:


Ever wonder what would happen if you set fire to a brillo pad?  Here’s your answer!


And here’s what it looks like on the inside when you swallow your drink:


There’s a good reason why spoons are made of stainless steel rather than more exotic things, like Gallium:


Finally, here’s what happens in slow motion when two circular blobs of dye meet in a tank of water:


As Jesse Pinkman would say:


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