13 British Foods That Are Normal To Us, But Weird To The Rest Of The World


1. Mince pies


“Once my British friends and I made a savoury pie with minced meat (ground meat) and I called it a mincemeat pie and they were like ‘oh actually…’ because apparently that’s wrong?!

2. Spotted dick

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“What is spotted dick and why is it called that? Is it named after someone? I’m confused.”

3. Black pudding

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“Being an American with an English boyfriend, I spend a decent amount of time in north west England. I can’t wrap my head around black pudding. Pig’s blood and cereal? And it’s at every breakfast place ever there.”

4. Mushy peas

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“Why can’t you call them mashed peas? Nobody wants to eat mushy food! And adding mint to it doesn’t make it sound any more appealing.”

5. Brown sauce


“A food defined by its colour and category. They didn’t even bother to name it.”

6. Salad cream


“My husband is a Brit, we live in England, and I cannot get over how much salad cream is used over here. And it’s really not good. It’s like mayo’s bitter and unreliable younger brother who was a major disappointment to its family, and I just want it to stop with its salty and judgemental opinions.”

7. Chips with vinegar

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“Are we not talking about VINEGAR on chips/fries?”

8. Crisps in a roll


“The weirdest British dish is without a doubt crisp rolls. A dry roll. With crisps in them?! Why?!”

9. Squash

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“I have British family and they never drink just plain water, it always has to be mixed with some sort of diluting juice!”

10. Sausage Rolls

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“Why are y’all so obsessed with sausages and sausage rolls? Specifically from Greggs. What’s so great about Greggs?”

11. Jacket potatoes with beans and cheese

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“A baked potato (or ‘jacket potato’) with baked beans and cheese on top is a meal???”

12. Yorkshire puddings

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“They are awesome, but so weird, like weird-shaped savoury pancakes.”

13. Digestive biscuits

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“Biscuits described as ‘digestives’ don’t sound appetising. Are they medicinal in some way?”



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