12 Things You Can Relate To If You’re A Girl With An Older Brother


1. When you were little you massively looked up to your older brother…

2. … Which meant he could persuade you to do almost anything!

3. You developed thick skin from all the insults you receive daily. 

4. You definitely blame things on him when you get the chance.

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5. Sometimes there’s no choice but to be a snitch.

6. You learned of loss and heartbreak from your brother stealing your food. 

7. Your brother gave you a preview into what men are like. 

8. You have some really fun times with your big brother…

9. You loved play fighting…

10. … until someone took it too far and it turned into an actual fight.

11. You have loads of running jokes that will continue for decades.

12. Despite everything you know they always have your back. 



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