12 Pets Who Own Their Humans


Owning a pet is one of the best things in the world. No matter how bad things get, they’re here to make you happy.

Sometimes it can be the other way around. We’ve uncovered some pictures of some pets who clearly wear the pants in the family. Humans don’t own them – they own the human.

1. Putting the humans in their place once and for all.

The only thing that can make fixing your plumbing any scarier is a face like this staring down at you.

Screenshot 2018-07-09 at 09.05.12

2. These pets are much, much cooler than you. 

The whole pet crew is on fire all over Instagram, meanwhile, you’re hoping to make it to 100 followers by the end of the year.

Screenshot 2018-07-09 at 09.08.353. No questions were asked. 

When a good boy has this much confidence, there’s no stopping him. If you give a good belly rub, he might let you party with him.


4. There was a revolution and the dogs won.

If you didn’t already know the score, the sight of a leashed child and an unleashed dog tells you everything you need to know.


5. The most regal cat in history.

One look at this cat and we can understand why Egyptians worshipped them as gods.


6. There’s no stopping them now.

Sorry human, but they’ve learned to merge matter together. Taking over your home was child’s play to them.


7. Wining, dining and canining

It’s not only that he’s having a fancy dinner with his dog – you can see he’s about to get chewed out for the cheap choice on wine any minute now!


8. Finally, a candidate we can believe in.

All of us are supporting this good boy candidate and his “treats for everyone” platform.


9. The right voice in the right ear can topple nations

While the dog walks around the garden, the kitten has figured out how to be the real power behind the power.


10. Get in loser, we’re going shopping. 

It looks like the weather here is freezing. But it can’t be any colder than getting this chilly stare, multiplied by three!




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