12 Heartwarming Pictures That Bring The Feels


1. When a little French bulldog had breathing problems on a flight, a flight attendant immediately pulled down an oxygen mask for the little guy to keep him going.


2. At a spot that has become popular for suicides, a group that helps those in distress left dozens of positive notes for people to find. 


3. “My dog is waiting for my dad to come home, he’s in the military so he travels a lot.” 

“Our family poodle waits either by the door or window every afternoon around 4-5, just in case he’ll return that day.” Dogs are the best.


4. This guy took a chimney apart to rescue the crow that had gotten itself stuck. 


5. Someone left this note behind for someone in need to find in a book about dealing with anorexia. 


6. When a Thai soccer team and their coach got trapped in a cave, a huge rescue operation was undertaken, with a group of five foreign experts and Thai Navy SEALS performing the missions. 


7. When a man had a heart attack while doing his front garden, the firefighters and EMTs who saved his life came back later to finish the job for him. 


8. This homeowner always has a cold drink on hand for the bin men,


9. “My stepdad is officially my legal father after raising me with my mom since I was 9 years old… you’re never too old to be adopted.”


10. This 72-year-old widower has taken his wife’s portrait to the pier where they fell in love every morning since she died seven years ago. 

If this isn’t true love I don’t know what is.


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