10 Pranks George Clooney Has Pulled That May Have Gone Too Far


It’s no secret that George Clooney is one of the biggest pranksters in Hollywood. Sometimes these pranks are a bit extreme but I guess he knows which fellow actors can take a joke.

1. Some of George’s pranks were tame enough that only the wrong person would be upset if it happened to them.

While working on the set of Ocean’s Eleven, George put a bucket of water over his costar Julia Roberts’ doorway. The problem was that the unsuspecting bellman got drenched instead.


2. Bernie Mac seemed to have the same thing happen to him, and he was warned about George’s pranks. 

“Clooney always plays. He plays too damn much. You gotta watch Clooney. You come in the door, a bucket of water will fall on your head. He got it propped up at the top,” he explained.


3. George even pranked Nora Dunn.

Jokingly, he got an apple and speared it to the end of his car’s antenna, he then catapulted it at her. He managed to hit her right in the forehead. George claimed it was “the greatest shot in the history of shots,” Nora said he almost knocked her out.


4. George played a prank or two on Ocean’s Eleven producer Jerry Weintraub.

George would set 4:30 a.m wake up calls, even though Jerry didn’t need to be on set until hours later.


5. Even George’s closest friends, like Matt Damon, aren’t safe from his pranks. 

Matt was staying with George for a period of time, and George knew that Matt was trying to lose weight.

George had his tailor take in Matt’s pants by an eighth of an inch every few days, and Matt thought he was just gaining weight rapidly!


6. George once pulled a prank on Richard Kind and his cat way back in the ’90s.

George was staying in Richard’s guest room, and the guest bathroom is where Richard’s cat’s litter box was located.


George would change the litter each day but not tell Richard. Eventually, Richard grew concerned and took his cat to the vet and got him medication to encourage bowel movements. George eventually came clean and covered the expensive costs of the vets.

7. George once pulled a cruel prank on his friend and costar, Brad Pitt.

He had found a bumper sticker that read “(Expletive) Cops” and stuck it on the back of Brad’s car, knowing that nobody ever looks at the back of their cars.

Brad didn’t notice the sticker until he got pulled over by a police officer!


8. George even pranked his own dad, Nick Clooney. 

He explained that he screened his movie, The Monuments Men, for his dad.

“My father plays me at the end of the film and walks off into this beautiful church with this beautiful light and it goes to black and normally that would be like the first credit that comes up and instead I put, ‘In Loving Memory of Nick Clooney,'” George explained.


9. He also admitted to creating official-looking stationary with Brad’s name on it.

He then proceeded to send letters to other actors as if they were from Brad Pitt. Even Meryl Streep got a letter from “Brad,” along with a set of dialect coaching CDs, hoping to help her on her new movie, The Iron Lady.

Brad Pitt and George Clooney pose on the red carpet at the Film Festival in Venice August 27, 2008. Pitt and Clooney star in Ethan and Joel Coen's movie "Burn After Reading" which is opening this year's Venice Film Festival.


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