10 Celebrities with Weird, but Entirely Appropriate Pets

A dog or a cat isn’t enough for your average celebrity.  Being famous can be a license to go a little bit crazy, but the money that goes with fame gives you the chance to go crazy with a little bit more style than the average Joe.  Here’s a bunch of celebrities who picked out some weird pets that turned out to be just perfect for them.

George Clooney’s Pig


Back when George was on ER, he had a pig, and the ladies loved him for it.  It was just the right mix of adorable and blundering to act as a foil for his debonair appearance.

Michael Jackson’s Chimp


Back in the 1980s, Michael Jackson was wacko jacko.  He had squillions of dollars to play with, so he turned his house into a zoo and theme park and got himself a monkey as a best mate.  Bananas.

Reese Witherspoon’s Donkey


<<insert joke about Reese WItherspoon having a great ass>>

Justin Bieber’s Monkey


What better pet for a cheeky chappy like Mr Bieber than a Capuchin Monkey that gets up to all kinds of mischief, but you totally have to forgive him.

Kristen Stewart’s Massive Pet Wolf


Kristen Stewart apparently got the wolf/dog hybrid after breaking up with R-Patz.  It’s almost like she decided to go with Team Jacob in the end.

Mike Tyson’s Tiger

Mike Tyson & his Tiger

Somehow the thought of bumping into Iron Mike walking his tiger on a dark night is a lot less threatening than the thought of bumping into him on his own.  Perhaps it’s because they have matching stripes. Awwww.

Hugh Hefner’s Flamingo


Actually, Hef’s got a full zoo license, and the grounds of the playboy mansion are filled with exotica ranging from hippos to herpes, but there’s something hugely Hef-Like about these pink dudes who just kind of hang around all day enjoying life.

Paris HIlton’s Kingajou


Ask a lot of people what a Kingajou is and they’ll look back with a blank face.  Ask a lot of people what a Paris HIlton does, and they’ll give you the same look.  If you care, a Kingajou is related to raccoons and also called the Honey Bear.  So there you go.

Salvardor Dali’s Ant Eater


If you’re cultivating an image of being the world’s leading surrealist, you don’t want to be seen with a cocker spaniel.  You want an ant eater, and you want to take it EVERYWHERE.

Audrey Hepburn & Her Fawn


You really couldn’t see Audrey Hepburn having something like a pug or a bulldog as a pet.  No.  You’d imagine that she’d have some kind of dainty woodland creature like Bambi, which is exactly what she had.



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