10 Body Painting Works of Art that will Blow Your Mind

Throughout history the human body has been both the subject and the canvas for some of the most remarkable pieces of art imaginable.  Body paining has been taken to new levels in the last few years though, with artists from all over the world challenging each other to achieve new standards.

Many of the best examples of body painting that you see use 3D techniques to create stunning optical illusions that will blow your mind!

Open Button Belly


This one’s simple, but pretty effective, a large black area on the stomach surrounded by a 3D Painted set of buttons to create the illusion that he’s come undone.

Spare Ribs


This one takes the open stomach picture to a new level with a 3D X ray underneath combined with ripples of flesh that make it look as though the model is removing their skin.

Leaf Man


Nature’s a really popular subject for body art, and this is an incredible example which uses super-realistic painting and the flexibility of the model to create the illusion of a leaf.

Tiger Girls


With multiple models in he picture the effect is even more pronounced – and difficult to achieve!

Giant Mouth


Make up artists use colour and tone to hide some features and accentuate others, but in this example, the model’s chin has been replaced with a giant open mouth.



Similar, but more extreme is this rendering of the marvel character Venom which uses a similar giant mouth combined with a costume.

Eye Mouth


Talented artists can create remarkable effects like this eye painted across lips which looks, well, utterly freaky.

Lemon Neck


This one requires careful planning and the right angle to work properly.  Obviously the model’s head hasn’t been cut off, but by using 3D perspective in the shape of the lemon on the front of her neck, it looks super convincing.

Robot Arm


This one uses a very similar effect to create the illusion that the hand is only connected by a spar of metal.  under the right light, it looks fantastic.

Art Masquerading as Art


This one’s perhaps the most impressive of the lot.  The lady has been painted to look, well, painted.  The oil paint effect is startling and you could be forgiven for thinking that rather than being a painted lady, it is a painting of a lady.


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